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Roulette 101

Few games can bring out the breathless anticipation, as well as the feel of glamour, as can roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular forms of gambling, either on site or online and its popularity is easy to understand.

Roulette is the famous game often depicted on movies and television in which the spinning wheel and steel ball clash counter clockwise as the ball spins around the wheel numerous times before slowing down and finally landing in a slot that is both numbered and colored.

Roulette has even money bets on colors black or red, numbers odd or even, numbers high or low, or you can even select certain squares of the number board that would equal even money action. You can also bet in variations of three to one odds by taking such wagers as one through twelve, thirteen through twenty-four, or twenty-five through thirty-six. Beyond that, you can bet on an individual number or a small group of numbers or you can even wager on the dreaded zero or double zero green squares, which provide the house edge.

You will hear the term “European roulette” and that is where there is only one green zero slot. Some online casino roulette games have European type rules in which you only lose HALF of your bet if the ball lands in green.

While there are numerous strategies and money management systems employed and written about regarding roulette, the one thing you do not want to do is participate in what is known as the “Martingale Theory” in which you continue to double up on even money bets until they hit. Many a gambler has gone broke on that absurd assumption.

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