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Roulette Terms

October 2, 2008

Roulette is one of the most glamorous and colorful games that can be found in a casino, brick and mortar or online. With it comes a colorful language all of its own. Let’s examine some of roulette’s language.

An “American Wheel” consists of two slots that are colored green instead of the regular black and red and these green slots have the numbers zero and double zero. This increases the house edge from a “European Wheel” that consists of just one green slot with the number zero. You should always try and find a European wheel as the house edge is cut in half with such wheels.

An “Action Player” is a player that bets big amounts of money for long periods of time. Normally and ironically enough an “Action Player” is out of action in short order!

A “Biased Wheel” is a roulette wheel that, over a long period of time, has trended heavily with certain numbers, slots, or patterns.

“Chasing losses” is another way of saying going on “tilt” and that is when a player increases the amounts of his bets in order to try and make up for losses. This is a bad way to play and generally and most often only serves to make matters worse rather than better.

A “choppy game” is a description of a period of time in which neither the house nor the players are having any sustained success.

“Even Money” is a wager in which you get back what you wager if you win. A two dollar bet would earn you two dollars in winnings.

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