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Roulette Inside Bets

When you play online roulette there are a number of bets you can make. Some are known as outside bets while others are inside bets. Today we want to look at the inside bets.

The inside bets are the ones that you make on the numbers inside the roulette board. You can bet on any of the individual 38 numbers and if you hit you get paid at odds of 35-1. For example, you bet on the number 19 and if it hits you get paid at 35-1 on your wager.

The next type of inside bet is the split bet where you are betting on two numbers together or side by side. You get odds of 17-1 on this bet. For example it might be the numbers 32 and 33 together. If one of them hits you get paid.

The next inside bet is the street or trio bet where you are betting on three numbers in a line and if one of them hits you get paid at odds of 11-1.

The corner or square inside bet is where you are betting on four numbers with a single bet and if one of those numbers hits you get paid at odds of 8-1.

There is a bet that includes five numbers and it can only be made on the numbers 1, 2, 3, zero and double zero. That bet pays at 6-1.

The other inside bet in roulette is the six line bet where you get two streets combined into one for a total of get six numbers. For example, you would be betting on two streets like 16, 17, 18 and 19, 20 and 21. This bet pays out at odds of 5-1.

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