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James Bond Roulette Strategy

Have you ever heard of the James Bond roulette strategy? It is a simple strategy that gives you a chance to win money playing roulette at a land-based or online casino. Let’s look at the strategy and how to play it.

The James Bond strategy is simple to use when playing online roulette. You simply take a certain amount of money and split it between the high numbers (19-36), the first third (1-12) and the zero. Let’s take an example to illustrate exactly how this works.

Let’s say you have $200 to play this strategy. You play $110 on the high half which covers (19-36). You then put $80 on the first third (1-12) and you put $10 on the zero. You will win if any of 31 numbers hit and lose on only 6 numbers. Those six numbers are 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18. That means your chances of winning on any given spin are about 84%.

If the numbers 1-12 come up then you win $40, if 19-36 comes up then you win $10 and if the zero comes up you win $150. If one of those six numbers come up you lose $200. You could also choose to tweak the strategy a little bit to put a few dollars each on 13-18 and less on the first third if you want to protect yourself on those six numbers.

Try out the James Bond roulette strategy today at your favorite online casino.

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