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Many Strategies for Online Roulette

Roulette is similar to craps in one key sense in that there are often bets within the bets and many different ways to wager on the same spin of the wheel just as is the case with craps where you can wager in many ways on the same roll of the dice.

The first thing to keep in mind however is that the house edge cannot be taken away as the big factor of any roulette strategy. To put it another way there is no way to devise a system that can beat the fundamental mathematics of the odds of roulette. There are simply better ways to go about playing.

There is also a similarity to blackjack in that there is a surrender option at roulette, although it is not directly stated. Before the spin of the wheel a gambler can bet on the zero section and get half of his wager back if the ball lands on the zero section. This is a way of hedging bets that many gamblers want.

Just as you can hedge with the zero and double zero on the wheel the reality is that you can use any combination of numbers on the wheel that you like. After all there are some players who will “bet with the house” and take the zero section and then hedge with different areas and numbers on the board.

Good roulette play also means good money management. It can be argued that good money management may be even more important than playing roulette well as even the best expert that cannot control his bankroll is doomed to failure.

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