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Mini Roulette

A smaller version of the popular casino game roulette is mini roulette where there are fewer numbers. Let’s take a look at mini roulette and the differences from regular roulette.

Mini roulette has 12 numbered slots and a zero. The payouts for a straight bet in mini roulette at 11-1 and if the ball lands in the zero and you bet on another number you get half of your money back. Just as in normal roulette, you can bet on red or black and odd or even. There are also bets on 1-6, 4-9 and 7-12. You also have the split bet where you get two numbers, a street bet where you bet on a group of numbers, a corner bet where you are betting on four numbers and a three bet which has the numbers zero, 1 and 2 or zero, 2 and 3. You also have the Sixers bet and the column bet as well.

The obvious question is whether or not mini roulette offers better payouts and better odds than regular roulette. The answer is yes and no. The house edge on most bets in mini roulette is 3.85%. That is higher than European roulette where the house edge is 2.7%. It is lower though than the American wheels where the house edge is 5.26%.

Mini roulette is an interesting game to play at the online casino and it does give players a little bit of an edge compared to American roulette.

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