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European Roulette Remains as the Only Way to Play

Regardless of what type of gambling that you take part in the first thing that you must recognize is that you must respect the law of mathematics and the odds. And no game on earth is this better illustrated than with the game of roulette. There are two main versions of roulette which are the American and the European versions. The European version cuts the house edge in half which makes it the only intelligent way to go for gamblers that want the absolute most for their money as well as the most protection for their hard earned gambling bankrolls.

The reason that European roulette is twice as nice as the American version is that there is just one green square on the wheel compared to the American version that has two green slots in its wheel.

With the house edge cut in half that opens up a significant amount of betting strategies and options. More creativity is possible because of that slashing of the house edge in half.

One thing for sure is that regardless of how elaborate a player’s knowledge the fundamentals of the math must be taken into account. There are many other wise skilled, knowledgeable and intelligent players who try and outsmart the odds which in the long run is a mathematical impossible.

Respecting the odds is in fact hand in hand with respecting your bankroll and protecting it from unnecessary risk. European roulette is the obvious way to outsmart the stupidity of turning down the best odds!

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